What Clients Say About Our Video Production Services

Father Matthew Luft, OSB | Pastor

Aaron Barker of ABC Tech has been working with the four parishes (Saint Boniface, Saints Peter & Paul, Mary of the Immaculate Conception and Saint James) of the Centered on Christ Community for over five years. He began working with Saint Boniface to improve our recordings of Masses for Channel 10 shortly after we installed a camera and digital recorder. Since beginning to work with Aaron, we went from a single camera and a DVD recorder to 3 digital cameras with livestreaming capabilities, all with a reasonable budget. Not only has Aaron been easy to work with, he is incredibly competent in his advice and with his skills. Aaron has helped us train our volunteer AV technicians who run both the slides on our screens as well as the cameras and slides for the livestream. I highly recommend to you Aaron in your consideration for how to best reach our local community through the digital platforms. Please feel free to come and see the different set ups in each parish. Saint Boniface has the most sophisticated system and Saints Peter & Paul has the simplest system.

In Christ,
Father Matthew Luft, OSB

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